play-button 08:03

foot goddess 2

Charlie Rae slips out of her heals and shows off her sexy soft soles. I bet you wish you could suck those sweaty toes! enjoy

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 22:27

Caught Masturbating

Tommy Utah is baby sitting his girlfriends 18 teen daughter when he catches her masturbating. I'm sure you know what happens next! Enjoy

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 17:32

Get Ready With Me: Charlie Rae & Logan Long

Logan Long is tired of waiting for Charlie Rae to finish getting ready to go out. He peeps into the bathroom to find Charlie still naked checking herself out in the mirror. When Charlie Rae sees Logan's giant cock she decides that maybe there's time for a bit of wet sloppy fun before they leave!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 22:02

Anal Training PT 2

Charlie Rae is craving anal but has such a tight ass hole. Watch me rip my nylons open and use all of my favorite toys to prep my tight ass for your hard cock! ;) enjoy!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 18:02

Positive Reinforcement

Charlie Rae rewards herself after a trying workout by fucking her pussy and asshole hard with a 12 inch cock until she is gaping and cumming. Watch this little fat chocolate pussy drip cream!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 18:29

Naughty House Wife

Charlie Rae is Richard Mann's Naughty House Wife! Richard spanks Charlie for being bratty. Charlie enjoys Richards HUGE cock!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 15:47

A Royal Encounter III

Egyptian Queen loves Roman Cock! Egyptian Queen (Charlie Rae) and Roman Emperor (Thor Johnson) bring you the 3rd Royal Encounter! Happy Halloween!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 21:51

On the first date

Charlie Rae is a good girl but after her first date with Shaun Dam she does some naughty things. Check out this sexy chocolate drop taking a huge black cock!

Featuring: Shaun Dam

play-button 25:57

Swing My Way Pt 2

Couples love Charlie Rae. Shanice Luv and Thor Johnson are on vacation when they spot a hottie by the pool. After some fun at the pool they return to their suite where the real fun begins. Matching Photo set coming soon*

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 19:57

Tree House Yoga 2

Charlie Rae and West indie have a threesome with yoga instructor (Puerto Rock). Enjoy :)

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 19:45

Cowboy Hottub

Charlie Rae playing around in the cowboy hot tub out back. watch her orgasm during anal play! check out the matching photo set!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 16:18

Treehouse yoga

Charlie and Nikki attaned a very bazzar yoga class and watch what happened!

Featuring: Charlie Rae Nikki Lately

play-button 18:29

Cheaters part 2

Check out what happens in part 2 when Lexxxi London and Charlie Rae get caught!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 15:18

Cheeters Part 1

Lexxxi London and Charlie Rae are messing around while Lexxxi's boyfriend is at work. He comes home early and catches them.

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 20:37

The Babysitter

Nikki Lately comes home early from work to find her husband ( Mr. Nuttz) in the hot tub with the baby sitter (Charlie Rae). Should she be shocked, angry or impressed?

Featuring: Charlie Rae Nikki Lately Mr. Nuttz

play-button 22:12

Toy Party

Nikki Lately hosts a "passion party" to sell sexy toys to Charlie Rae and Xaya Lovelle. Things may have gotten a bit out of hand durring the demonstrations. . .

Featuring: Charlie Rae Nikki Lately

play-button 03:43

Sweet dreams

Featuring: Charlie Rae Nikki Lately

play-button 32:04


What happenes when these three roomates (Charlie Rae, Nikki Lately, and Harmony Cage) find out that they are all dating the same guy (Bones montana) !?

Featuring: Harmony Cage Charlie Rae Nikki Lately

play-button 15:08

Date Night

Charlie Rae and Xaya Lovelle had a hot date that just got hotter.

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 14:27

Oral Fixations pt2

Charlie Rae, Nikki Lately, and Selah Rain use Bones Montana to satisfy their oral fixation!

Featuring: Charlie Rae Nikki Lately

play-button 17:38

Sneaky Housekeeper

Charlie Rae is cleaning Nikki Lately's bedroom when she finds Nikki's dildo's under a pillow. Charlie didn't get to masturbate before showing up to her housekeeping gig so she decided this must be a sign. Nikki walks in on charlie masturbating with her toys!

Featuring: Charlie Rae Nikki Lately

play-button 11:55

A Royal Encounter pt 2: Black Love

Charlie Rae and Bones Montana get wild hot and steamy in the den.

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 23:18

Tinder Pie

Charlie Rae was browsing a dating site similar to the Tinder app when she came across Thor Johnson's profile. His profile claimed that he was masseur so she baught in. Charlie gets to Thor's place to see that he is not a licensed masseur but she gives him a chance anyway since he's cute. Needless to say, this was unlike any massage she ever had before.

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 13:12

Come Prepared

Charlie Rae forgot to pack a blouse for the company retreat. She goes to ask Neil Stroker if she can borrow a shirt. Neil sees this as an opportunity to finally get what he always wanted from Charlie.

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 17:44

Prom Night

It's PROM NIGHT! & Charlie Rae wants some grown man dick! Charlie ditches her date and leaves the prom with the principle and vice principle of her school.

Featuring: Charlie Rae Edge Sharp Mr. Nuttz

play-button 10:06

In The Boondoxxx

Rachael (Charlie Rae) is being a whore in the wrong neighborhood when A-Pimp-named-slippery-back (Dallas Strokes) spotted her. He brings her inside his "establishment" to show her how its really done!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 12:53

Hot Boulder Climb!

Charlie Rae goes boulder climbing with Thor Johnson! Talk about a hot date!

Featuring: Charlie Rae

play-button 13:46

sex kittens

Charlie Rae and Nikki Lately are pretty pink kittens.

Featuring: Charlie Rae Nikki Lately

play-button 22:55

Punishing Naughty Nikki Cakes

Nikki Cakes is a disobedient slut. Her husband sent her to a dungeon to be punished by Charlie Rae and Dark Side Fetish for being a naughty wife!

Featuring: Charlie Rae Edge Sharp

play-button 35:30

Best Friends Forever

Nikki Lately invites her life long bestie Charlie Rae to a get together at her house where she introduces Charlie to her husband Pussy Bandit. Nikki doesn't know that her friend is an impulsive slut! Nikki walks in on Charlie fucking her man! Will their life long friendship come to an end?!

Featuring: Charlie Rae Nikki Lately