Learn more about the benefits of using these platforms

2018-07-28 23:59:59

Let’s start with one of the most common ways that you support the production of new adult films.


Membership Sites:

If you like to watch new movies often, then you are likely to be a member on one of your favorite sites. Since the signing of the FOSTA/ SESTA bill, some sites are at risk of being removed because they are hosted on platforms that are not adult industry friendly. It is devastating to both producers and members when a site is taken down and your hard earned money is lost.


This is why you should check out these adult friendly platforms to forfill all your membership site needs: https://adultmembersites.com/app/#/registration/rftAqM or https://modelcentro.com


These hosting platforms cater to xxx producers who create exclusive content for their fans. They also have ecommerce features and much more!


Pay Sites:

I like to call these fan pages because they give you the little bit extra you crave between new scene releases.


Are you a premium snapchat fan?

Try https://onlyfans.com/?ref=291471 OR https://iwantfanclub.com Instead!


With snapchat, the performer runs the risk of losing her/ his account and the viewer runs the risk of losing his/ her money.


Supporting performers on https://onlyfans.com/?ref=291471 and https://iwantfanclub.com is a much wiser decision than using snapchat because they openly support and allow adult content. You are also able to tip!


Calling and Texting:

Instead of calling an 800 # and getting a random girl, talk to the woman you have been fantasizing about. I’m sure you can find her on https://www.sextpanther.com/becomeamodel?id=3464